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Wall Street Scoundrel Approach

Donna with Wall Street's Fearless Girl
Donna H. Walker with Fearless Girl
Wall Street, NYC

Donna has over 40 years of Hedge Fund experience. First as an analyst/PM at Bass Brothers, Paine Webber, Schwarzman Partners, and Bass Brothers Trading. Then as a Partner/CRO at Sire Management, a fund of funds. Over the years she’s encountered numerous scoundrels. In the current Golden Age of Fraud, where regulators around the world have abdicated responsibility for regulating financial markets, crooks have become emboldened. Bad actors proceed with impunity, attacking critics without fear of retribution, and at times, with government support.

Donna’s hope is to expose current frauds by bringing financial red flags to life in a way spread sheets and research reports can’t. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”