Commission Paintings

Safkhet Caveat Emptor

cavaet emtpor 2

Everyone has their own unique investment stories. Let me create a one of a kind painting for your trophy wall highlighting the stocks, scandals and scoundrels that impacted you the most. Pictured below is one I did for Safkhet. Every image in this painting has a symbolic meaning for the manager.

Safkhet. Firm name. The Egyptian goddess of knowledge, accounting, mathematics and wisdom surveys the carnage.

The Eye of Horus crying. The Egyptian god of protection sheds tears over all the fraudulent companies.

Fraud. Safkhet concentrates on several fraudulent archetypes: government fraud (Uncle Sam’s hat), elder fraud (elder symbol), healthcare fraud (pill bottle with Michael Pearson’s name on it), predatory lending (Capitec Bank ticker CPI with loan shark), stock promotion (Cobra in a clay jar), and obsolesce (brontosaurus).

Symbol of the Assassin. A nickname for the manager.

Ursa Major and Minor. She bear. Female short seller.

Flying Pig with lipstick. Bubbles, short squeeze.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX). Philidor was the Canary (dead Canary) in the coal mine for VRX. Andrew Davenport and Gary Turner set up a false VRX email under the name Brian Wilson (Beach Boy Brian Wilson represented by two surf boards). Davenport in an email said they would ride into the sunset like Butch Cassidy (Two rider less horses running into the sunset).

Saint Whistleblowers. (Lips blowing a whistle with a halo).

Home Capital Group (HCG). Bailed out by Berkshire Hathaway (parachute on bank).

Concordia International Group (CRX). Was described by one wag as “A sham dipped in maple syrup wearing moose antlers (Maple leaf with moose antlers).

Ticker symbols for profitable positions: TEVA, INSY, MDXG, OVAS.

Tracks corporate jets. Detective hat with magnifying glass tracking a plane.


Armistice painting


caroline painting


Altimeter painting

Paintings and prints not available.

Commission Pricing

  • 20”X20” Acrylic on Canvas Frame – $2,500
  • 20”X24” Acrylic on Canvas Frame – $3,000
  • 20”x30” Acrylic on Canvas Frame – $4,000
  • 11’X14” Acrylic on Paper – $500